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Leveraging Technology to Innovate

Incorporating automation into a compliance practice can help streamline workflows, increase efficiency and improve the client experience. How? By automating much of the process, creating more streamlined campaigns, centralizing data capture, and improving workflow processes. Let’s look closely at how HVG Law used automation software to innovate its compliance practice.

Who is HVG Law?

HVG Law is part of the global EY Law network. Based in the Netherlands, they are considered a leader in the market due to their entrepreneurial, innovative and solution-oriented approach.

What were the compliance team’s goals?

  1. They wanted to make it easier for clients to complete the compliance forms they sent out regularly.
  2. The team wanted to be able to run campaigns to manage the bulk distribution of compliance forms.
  3. They wanted to automate the set-up of compliance form templates in a central location so the team could access those relevant to them.
  4. They wanted to track responses and send reminders to those that hadn’t responded in a simple yet effective way.
  5. They also wanted to be able to receive responses in a central location.
  6. The ability to analyze and export the responses and report on the data was also a requirement.
  7. And ultimately, they wanted to streamline the process and make it more efficient.

How they achieved their goals

HVG Law implemented Kim Document to help them manage their campaigns and innovate their compliance form workflows. By using Kim Document, they are now able to:

  1. Create documents using an existing template or by amending an existing template.
  2. Tag a new document and upload it, creating a new template.
  3. Use the campaign functionality to send bulk emails to clients with a link to the web form.
  4. Build web forms that contain all the compliance questions with either text or drop-down text fields.
  5. Get clients to complete the questions, and they will now receive a PDF of their responses by email immediately afterwards.
  6. Send out reminder emails to those who have yet to respond.
  7. Receive all responses in Kim Document, and download and analyze the answers quickly and effectively.

What does Kim Document do?

Kim Document takes your existing MS Word documents and turns them into applications. Whatever they are - letters, records, checklists, compliance forms, contracts or anything else - automate, activate and use them.

Read the full case study here.


Melody Easton

Melody has more than 20 years' experience in marketing products and services to the legal industry. She started her career in Legal IT at iManage when it was still a start-up. Since then, she has worked at multiple vendors helping them develop their customer advocacy, community, and lead generation strategies. She currently heads up Marketing for Kim Document.

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