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Melody Easton

Melody has more than 20 years' experience in marketing products and services to the legal industry. She started her career in Legal IT at iManage when it was still a start-up. Since then, she has worked at multiple vendors helping them develop their customer advocacy, community, and lead generation strategies. She currently heads up Marketing for Kim Document.

ILTA Roadshow: Preparing for the Future

A Roadmap for Generative AI in Your Law Firm

The legal industry is poised for a transformative change driven by the rapid advancement of artificial...

The Digital Alchemist

Transforming Raw Data into Gold

We know that information is the new gold in business (we touched on this in an earlier blog, "From Data to Dollars")....

The Power of Familiarity

Kim Document's Strategy for Boosting User Adoption

Technology today is not just about innovation; it's about making that innovation accessible and...

Using Generative AI in our own organization

Transforming Content into Dynamic Solutions

The Kim tech team uses a wide variety of tools to help them deliver advanced solutions to our customers....

A Year-End Journey with Kim

Reflections on Data, Automation, and Legal Innovation

As we approach the year-end, we are excited to share a comprehensive roundup of the content...

The Corporate Transparency Act

10 Compelling Reasons Lawyers Should Prioritize Compliance for Their Clients

Staying ahead of regulatory changes is of utmost importance for legal...

Revolutionizing Legal Capacity

Howard Kennedy integrate Kim Document and monday.com

London-based law firm Howard Kennedy prides itself on offering straightforward advice to...

Data is to generative AI what roads are to cars

A review of Karl Chapman’s session at Legal Geek 2023

Karl Chapman, CEO at Kim, recently took to the stage at Legal Geek in London to share his...

Insights from a Serial CEO

Karl Chapman's Journey from Law School to Business Leadership and the Future of Large Language Models

In a recent podcast interview with Pioneers and...

It's All About the Data

Data is the backbone of our digital world

Data has become the lifeblood of our interconnected world. We are asked to share information about...

Streamlining Corporate Defense Litigation

Unlocking Efficiency with Standardization and Technology

Law firms constantly strive to minimize the administrative burden on staff. One powerful way...

From Data to Dollars

How Manual Rekeying Is Costing Your Organization

Many statements and exclamations around data emphasize its importance. Quotes such as:
  • Data is...

6 Reasons to Streamline Your Operations with Kim Intelligent Automation

Unlocking Business Success with Kim's Intelligent Document Automation

Given today's economic climate, where efficiency, productivity, and cost...

Simplify Processes with Intelligent Document Automation, Generation, and Data Capture

Enhancing Efficiency in Law Firms 

It is crucial for law firms to streamline their processes and workflows to keep up with the increasing demand for...

Streamline your Corporate Legal Team with Kim’s three “no-regrets” decisions

Meeting the Challenges of Modern Legal Teams

As corporate legal teams face increasing pressure to streamline their operations and become more...

Data capture – It’s time to improve and automate the process

Real Life Examples

At Kim Document we are all about making improvements to the way you work. After all, it's the small things that can make the most...

Secure One-to-Many Collaboration with Kim Document

Campaign Powerhouse

One of the most compelling functionalities of Kim Document is the 'Campaign' feature. Example use cases include completing...

Automating and generating documents with Kim Document

Keeping it simple

Kim is well-proven at the enterprise level with Fortune 500 companies in various sectors. With Kim Document we have productized the...

HVG Law used document automation to innovate their compliance practice

Leveraging Technology to Innovate

Incorporating automation into a compliance practice can help streamline workflows, increase efficiency and improve...

Key Messages coming out of recent LegalTech events

Keep it simple and automate where possible

In recent months since joining Kim, I’ve had the pleasure of attending a couple of LegalTech events and...

The Democratization of Document automation

[dem·oc·ra·tiza·tion - The action of making something accessible to everyone]

How do you get value from all the documents being created within your...


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