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Less than $11,000 per year for Unlimited Users

Atlanta, January 19, 2023: In a move that will help corporate legal departments transform their activities, Kim, the no-code, SaaS, patent-protected document generation, assembly and workflow automation tool, established in 2013 and proven with Fortune 500 organizations, today announced it has launched pre-packaged, ready to use, applications for corporate legal teams. These applications, which combine best-practice templates, workflow, and data capture, are aimed at all functions irrespective of their size and include:

  • Support requests - so legal teams can manage intake effectively.
  • Self-service of letters, forms, checklists, compliance documents, boiler-plate contracts - using oneNDA as the example of what can be self-served to business teams.
  • Approving Outside Counsel Management appointment - to control the engagement of outside counsel.

Organizations can be live with these applications today. With no software to download, enterprise-proven security, and control of user rights, Kim syncs directly with an organization’s existing work environment such as their web browser or MS Teams. 

Corporate legal departments can use these applications, and any others they create, for less than $11,000 per year for unlimited users (the pricing in Euros and Pounds is the same. i.e., £11,000 / €11,000). By doing so, they free their teams up to focus on higher-value work, provide effective support to internal clients and automatically capture the data that allows them to manage activity and demonstrate the value they are providing to their organization.  Visit our pricing page for more information or watch this video to discover the benefits of the applications for corporate legal teams. 

All someone within a Corporate Legal Department needs to do to be live today is:

  1. Go to Kim for corporate legal departments.
  2. Follow the guidance.
  3. Be live in less than 30 minutes with a secure Kim Document instance (our help team can assist if required).
If the Legal Team wants to amend the Support Request and Outside Counsel Management applications, they can do so quickly and with no training. They can also take their existing MS Word documents (letters, forms, checklists, compliance records, etc.) and turn these into web applications.

Karl Chapman, CEO of Kim said, “With our pre-configured templates, you can set up your legal front door in 30 minutes or build it from scratch customized to your team in 90 mins. With the security of MS Azure and the Microsoft stack and being accessible from MS Teams as well as your browser, this really is a 'no-regrets' package for Corporate Legal Departments. Our proven Enterprise credentials and scale allow us to make these packages available at attractive annual prices. There is no reason not to commence your digitization journey today.”

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