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Atlanta, August 21, 2023: Kim, the no-code, SaaS, patent-protected document generation, assembly, and workflow automation platform, today announced the release of their enhanced integration between Kim Document and iManage.

This integration marks a significant milestone in streamlining the document automation process and enhancing workflow efficiency and follows Kim announcing their partnership with iManage in April 2023.

With Kim automating documents and capturing data, one of the main benefits of the Kim Document and iManage integration lies in its ability to eliminate the need for manual processes that do a single task, such as workspace creation within iManage. With this integration, businesses can leverage the power of Kim’s document automation and assembly capabilities and effortlessly create workspaces in iManage, tailored to specific matters or use case types, making tasks seamless and efficient. The workspaces created by Kim inherit the default security permissions and are pre-populated with relevant folder structures and initial documents, maintaining a consistent and organized approach to document management.

For example, the integration allows for the creation of HR records or facilitates new client onboarding processes. Compliance teams can create initial compliance records and complete thorough due diligence and compliance tasks. The integrated solution automatically generates matter workspaces within iManage, complete with the necessary folder structures for documents, emails, correspondence, M&A, or any other transaction type relevant to the client.

Additional key benefits of the integration are that users can push any content from Kim into any matter structure in iManage, assuming authority is granted to the user. Where Kim holds the pen, Kim allows users to update content, thus being able to create multiple versions with iManage being the single source of truth.

"The integration between Kim Document and iManage simplifies the creation of workspaces and eliminates the need for rekeying of data and additional proprietary technology," said Karl Chapman, CEO at Kim. "Organizations can quickly leverage the power of Kim Document to customize and optimize their document management processes within iManage as well as create first drafts of documents, saving time and improving productivity."

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