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Generate applications from your existing MS Word Documents

Atlanta, October 18, 2023: Kim, the no-code, SaaS, patent-protected document generation, assembly, and workflow automation platform, announces the launch of Application Generator.

ChatGPT and other AI tools have simplified the creation of text, video, and images without prior skills. Kim’s Application Generator enables individuals in organizations to generate entire web applications from their existing documents with no IT development or coding skills and no false positive errors. Discover more in this video.

To generate an application, users simply:
  1. Open one of their existing documents (i.e. letters, forms, checklists, contracts, compliance records, etc.) or create a new one using ChatGPT or their private large language model (LLM).
  2. Identify and tag the variable fields in the document or prompt ChatGPT/private LLM to do so. 
  3. Open Kim, select 'Create Application' and upload the tagged document.
  4. Use the drag-and-drop wizard to create the web form, add the properties and submit.
On submission, not only does Kim deliver full document automation (of one or multiple documents), the data in the documents can also be used to populate other systems. Additionally, within 30-60 seconds of submission, Kim automatically:  
  • Generates the data model.
  • Maps the data model, using the incoming document, to the variable fields.
  • Makes the document format a universally and automatically controlled entity that maintains all formatting, bullets, fonts, images, tables, page numbering, etc.
  • Maps the audit profile and then automatically maintains it.
  • Maps the Inbound and Outbound API.

The Kim-generated application is then automatically hosted for end users to access, becoming an organization's standard operating procedure and enabling the straight-through processing of data. Kim creates the entire application with no-code citizen development, including conditional document assembly and automatic generation of multiple documents off one document. 

Richard Yawn, CTO, said, "Our 2014 patent (see below) underpins all our solutions. In simple terms, we help organizations avoid rekeying of data, which is a $3.1 trillion-a-year issue in the US*. Our no-code solutions, which we have been building and refining for ten years, provide organizations with deterministic and certain outcomes without prior IT development or coding expertise. Critically, Kim does not hallucinate."

Kim Patent: When a DOCX template is uploaded into the Kim software, it gains additional knowledge by learning the structural composition of each template, and it can interface with any authenticated and authorized client over HTTPS with an intelligent understanding of the correctness of the data being supplied. This enables the automatic extraction of tags from multiple sample documents, the storing of the tags in a data schema separate from the documents, the automatic generation of structural schemes from the tags, the automatic creation of document templates from the sample documents and the processing of the document templates to create unique identifiers (see the Kim patent: https://patents.justia.com/patent/10817662).

* Source: IBM

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