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Kim opens Atlanta office to support continued growth in the region

Atlanta, August 30, 2022: Kim, the no-code, SaaS, patent protected, document generation, assembly and workflow automation platform, which is proven with Fortune 500 organizations in a range of sectors including legal, financial services, professional services, pharmaceuticals and telecoms, has opened a second US office in Technology Square, Midtown Atlanta. This expansion follows the successful launch of Kim Document.

Karl Chapman, CEO of Kim said “We have always believed that you can build very big businesses,
even in difficult times, if you have solutions that deliver customer use cases quickly, at price points that drive a high ROI."

"Not only do we have such products, including Kim Document, we also have a business that, at our enterprise level, is underpinned by long-term contracts with Fortune 500 companies. Indeed, this is a good moment to record our thanks to our customers for their help and insight. They have supported us over many years and, as per this announcement, we will continue to support them."

"With these and other critical foundations in place, we are expanding. Although we have a well-developed flexible and remote working model, earlier this year we identified the need for an
additional US office to support our existing and new customers."

"Having looked at several locations, it proved a simple decision to select Atlanta. The talent pool
combined with the technology tradition built around the Georgia Institute of Technology, and its
tech start-up and growth incubator ATDC (Advanced Technology Design Center), were decisive."

"We look forward to providing existing and new customers with increased support as we strengthen our Customer Success and technology teams. This is the first of several steps we will take in 2022 to position Kim for continued and accelerated growth in 2023 and beyond."

Kim Tiers
Kim has three tiers of offering - Enterprise, Solutions, and Product. At the Enterprise and Solution tiers, use cases include Global Legal Operations Platform, Request Management and Self Service, Contract Lifecycle Management, Compliance, Company Secretarial, and Clinical Trials Agreements.

At the Product tier, Kim Document allows any function or role in a small, medium or large
organization, to turn its existing Word documents into web applications that can be shared internally and/or externally. Use cases are primarily but not exclusively focused on four core areas – Compliance and Regulators, Corporate Legal Departments and Law Firms, Financial Services and Insurance and Franchising.

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