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Kim Document helps small, mid, and large law firms automate document generation by streamlining the data capture workflow process.

London, March 2, 2023: Small, mid and large law firms have become one of the fastest growing sectors for Kim, the no-code, SaaS, patent-protected document generation, assembly, and workflow automation platform.

Kim has been providing patent-protected document generation, assembly, and workflow automation to corporate legal, compliance, contract management, company secretarial and other functions in Fortune 500 organizations for approaching ten years. Since the launch in late 2022 of Kim Document, a productized version of Kim's document generation capability, law firms have embraced the new product. 
“We are using Kim Document to automate our supplier questionnaires and related documents as part of our vendor onboarding process. It was quick to make live and has helped reduce time and effort onboarding new suppliers,” said Andrew Powell, CIO at Macfarlanes.

Tony McKenna, Director of Information Technology at Howard Kennedy, said “Kim Document, for us, was a no-brainer due to the simplicity of use and the attractive price point.  Kim will help the firm automate those documents that aren’t high value enough to justify a full-blown document automation platform but where they would still like control over the data collected.”

Kim Document helps knowledge workers automate the creation of documents, capture data, and use that data to generate other documents or populate other systems. Kim can be used without the need to download any software and has enterprise-level security. It can be accessed directly through your existing work environment (e.g., web browser or MS Teams). Using Kim, law firms can convert current documents (e.g., letters, forms, contracts, compliance records, and other content) into web applications without needing a lengthy implementation, extensive user training, or help from IT.

"Kim Document is aimed at small, mid and large organizations. It applies to almost any function or role. It is pleasing that global law firms, which is a new vertical for us, have responded so positively to our new product," said Karl Chapman, CEO of Kim. "We thought that law firms had solved the document automation challenge. How wrong were we. With the value of hindsight, the release of Kim Document could not have been better timed."

Samantha Jefferies, VP of Sales at Kim Document said "It is amazing to witness how quickly law firms of various sizes are embracing Kim. Kim is assisting these firms in standardizing templates for frequently used documents and forms and offering a more efficient approach to capturing data from numerous clients, suppliers, or employees. Kim's ability to collect data once, push it into one or many systems, and generate multiple documents, is helping firms to streamline areas that are typically arduous for clients, such as funding, data protection, pensions, or onboarding internally."

Kim Document is hosting a free webinar for law firms on Wednesday, 8 March 2023, focusing on how intelligent document automation and generation can save time, improve accuracy, and reduce errors.  Register here to book your seat.

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